Where The Sea Used To Be


There is a place outside Venice where the sea used to be. Where people used to fish.
And just sometimes, when fog starts surrounding everything, you can see it all once again.
On these days I go down the harbor with my friends, and get lost in the mist to hear just the sounds of the invisible ships, trains, workers, letting our imagination doing the rest.

Earth is slowly dying, Nature is slowly disappearing, just before our eyes.
We wonder where all of this is leading us.
We wander to find an answer.




Marghera is a borough of the city of Venice, Italy. It includes the industrial area known as Porto Marghera or Venezia Porto Marghera.
The name "Marghera", comes from the origins of the area where the present city was built, as it was once a marine swamp.
In Venetian language, in fact, "Mar gh' era" means "There was the sea".

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